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Hello my name is Tatiania and this is my final portfolio of all the work that i accomplished during my semester in this Edu 106 class.

Screencast Video


Three Favorite Posts


This is one of my favorite blog posts because I feel like this post was just expressing all about how I felt at the end of the semester and the mixed feelings i had about all my classes. It just felt good to get everything off my chest sort of and just let it out on writing


This is the second blog post I like alot because i think people just really need to understand that smoking is bad for your health and that when you smoke around other people it really does have repercussions on other people like attracting second hand smoke. Some people may be willing to risk their lives with smoking but its not fine to risk others.


This is my final favorite blog and I like this blog a lot because i can relate to this really well because i feel as though technology sometimes does takes over a persons life and they become so consumed with technology and being on their phones that they forget about the whole world around them and the people in it and this is a serious issue that people already know about but I think it needs to get heard about some more.


Digital Essay



Learning Space Analysis


Final Reflection

  1. My relationship with technology changed because i saw it in another light in terms of teaching and create new pieces of work. Before I came to this class i never knew what a DIgital Essay was or even screencasts but know I feel as though I can successfully complete both.


2. I feel as though the future of technology and learning is all about these Digital Essays as well as digital writing and learning how to skilfully read on the web.I feel as though more people knew about digital essays and digital writing they would take over everywhere an be used not in only some classrooms but all the classrooms. These are good useful tools to help teachers and students understand about technology in terms of an educational aspect and it might even help further their writing  down the line.


3.I think that my family shapes myself as well as my identities mostly because I grew up from their way of life and their way of thinking and some of those ways i took heed to and i applied them to who i wanted to be. However other aspects i felt as though i did not agree with and i set my own path and differ in view that my family believe. IF if believed in everything that they did i feel like that would exactly be my identity that would be my family’s. I try to create my own path in the world.

4.I am most proud of me actually staying in this class and wanting to learn what was being taught in terms of technology.At first i thought this class was going to be about a different type of education, like schools and students and we would have to write papers on it but that was not at all what it was and i felt skeptical at first but in the end i stuck through and i appreciated the lesson.

5.I could have done better with my writing and the length of the blogs. I think it was nott my strong suite and if i could go back i would change how much i write about in my free post blogs.

6. I think blogging helped because me having to write about technology was interesting and it was a way to express not only that but also new things or topics about myself that I don’t have time to talk about or even write about. It gave me a chance to express myself.

7.Reflection drives learning because when you reflect on something you keep on thinking about it in your head and it keeps eating away at you until you just have to know more about it and by doing that you have to read about it ask information look it up on websites and this is you learning new information about what you were reflecting on and you keep it with you and eventually your going to try to learn everything you can if your really reflective and passionate about it.







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